9/19/72 I was born to Carol and Samuel Holloway in Fort Worth, TX. 3/01/73 I was given to Bobbie and Ronald Collins because, my bilogical parents couldn't afford me. 4/10/80 My mother Bobbie died of Lukeima after a three year battle. 6/1/92 I was adpoted and changed my last name from Holloway to Collins. My dad didn't want the name change to effect school paper work. 6/8/94 Ronnie died of cancer after a two year battle. 10/28/95 I was married to Marissa Martinez after a 4 and half year relationship. 3/18/96 We welcomed our daughter into the world. Presnt day The family is still going strong.. I don't know very many people that married their high school sweet heart and are still with them almost 19 years later!
Actions speak louder than words
I like what a person has done not what they intend to do.. I believe
You should impress your family and do not care what others think of you.. You shouldn't worry about what others have as long as your family is happy!